How to Take Care of Your Hair in Summer? Explore our Top Tips!

How to Take Care of Your Hair in Summer? Explore our Top Tips!

The sun significantly affects our mood and body, making us feel refreshed, and with serotonin and vitamin D, it helps maintain a good mood and health. Despite the positives, sun rays can negatively impact our hair, making it lose its shine and become dry, weakened, and brittle. So, how to take care of your hair in summer to minimise the damage?

Protecting Hair from Sea Water

To protect against the damaging effects of sea water, it's worth wetting your hair before swimming. Why? This action ensures that wet hair will not absorb sea water. Olive oil can also be helpful. After bathing in the sea, apply it to hair strands, which will protect your hair from losing moisture. Remember, after every swim, use a beach shower to rinse off the sea water.

Sun Rays - How to Protect Hair?

The sun's rays dry out hair and damage their natural protective barrier. It's common to see lighter hair strands after a vacation, but that's not a good sign. Hair that has lost colour probably also has damage to the keratin fibres and open hair cuticles, resulting in loss of moisture and beautiful appearance. The simplest solution is to cover your head. And, of course, don't forget proper hair care!

Summer Care - Simple Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Proper hair care should not be limited to the holiday season. Care for your hair throughout the year so that it looks great every day in the summer. What should you remember about hair care?

  • Proper Hair Cleansing - During the summer, we wash our hair more often, so it's essential to choose the right product for cleansing the scalp. It's important that it contains a probiotic complex that will restore the skin's microflora and prevent irritation. Good scalp cleansing and the massage performed during washing will oxygenate the hair bulbs, significantly affecting their condition and growth.
  • Moisturising and Strengthening Hair - To strengthen your hair in the summer, consider oiling, masks, and conditioners that provide intense regeneration. When they are healthy, they better handle harmful factors like wind, saltwater, sun rays. Care for your hair condition all year round, especially in the summer. During hot days, pay attention to natural oils - they will give your hair flexibility and protect against moisture loss. Find the right conditioner for every hair type - check out our hair category where you will find exciting options: Hair Care

Nourishing from the Inside - The Finishing Touch in Hair Care

Supplementing collagen also brings a solid dose of hydration. This inner nourishment brings many benefits, especially to hair damaged by excessive sun exposure. Collagen will make them smooth and nourished. It will also affect the skin, which under the influence of sun rays can become dry and dull. Check out our top-selling collagen supplement: PrimaBiotic Collagen Drink

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