Can cosmetics offer a solution for acne rosacea?

Can cosmetics offer a solution for acne rosacea?

Nowadays, outward appearance is very important. Above all, we should place great emphasis on our complexion. It is our calling card. If it is neglected, we can make a bad impression on others. Nowadays, many people struggle with the phenomenon of acne. There are many varieties of this condition, and rosacea is one of them. Cosmetics can help, but how do you choose the right ones?

Acne rosacea is a skin disorder which, of course, most often occurs in the facial area. It is caused by vascular lesions. The disease was mentioned as early as the 14th century. The surgeon Guy de Chaulia wrote about it. The course of the disease is chronic. There are exacerbations and re-emissions of the disease, i.e. recurrences. Acne rosacea appears in adulthood - between 30 and 60 years of age. Women are most often affected. This type of acne is characterised by V-shaped papulopustular and erythematous lesions. Blackheads, on the other hand, are not present as in the case of acne vulgaris. Sometimes there is swelling of the skin.

Acne rosacea internal causes Acne rosacea external causes
Exogenous factors (Genes, fair complexion, Celtic origin, female gender) psychogenic factors (stress)
local infectious agents (nematodes) excessive physical activity (sweat in which bacteria thrive)
dietary factors (spices, sugars) atmospheric factors (cold, wind, sun)
taking certain medications (vasodilators, statins, steroids) inadequate skin care

Acne rosacea - cosmetics

To combat this type of acne, it is advisable to stock up on dermocosmetics for rosacea. There are plenty of these on the market. It is important to stock up on them, because by taking good care of the skin, all symptoms of the disease are alleviated. Acne rosacea cosmetics should be gentle and based on effective formulas.

Acne rosacea - which skincare products?

If we are considering the question of rosacea which cosmetics, it is useful to have knowledge of what ingredients such specifics should contain. Namely, they should be based on:

  • bioflavonoids, vitamins C and K and horse chestnut extract - thanks to them blood vessels are sealed;
  • vitamin PP, azulene, arnica montana - responsible for strengthening blood vessel walls;
  • bisabolol, calendula extract and algae - their effect soothes and calms outbreaks of disease
  • allanton, hyaluronic acid and amino acids - they have nourishing and moisturising properties;
  • panthenol, ceramides, vitamin E - their action is characterised by protection of the body

In addition to cosmetic treatment for large outbreaks, antibiotic therapy is also worthwhile. This will ensure that the fight against rosacea is a winning one.

Acnerose rosacea cosmetics

The best way to deal with rosacea is comprehensive care. In response comes the Acnerose rosacea care kit by Acnerose.
The Acnerose kit includes:

  • azelaic acid ointment for the morning,
  • moisturising day cream,
  • cleansing tonic with lactobionic acid,
  • night paste with ichthyol.

Acnerose dermocosmetics focus both on regulating the sebaceous glands, thus reducing the number of pimples, and on strengthening the blood vessel walls to reduce the intensity and aggravation of erythema. In addition, Acnerose dermoscosmetics have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, thus healing existing lesions and reducing irritation, as well as reducing the burning sensation of the skin. They contain many ingredients with beneficial effects: extracts of ruscus, arnica, horse chestnut, vitamin E, azaleic acid, ichthyol, liquorice extract, rose oil and others. They were extracted exclusively from raw materials of natural origin. No chemical additives (PEGs, SLS, parabens and silicones) can be found in Acnerose, so the dermocosmetics in this range are very well tolerated by problematic skin.

What to avoid?

When undergoing therapy, it is advisable to guard against certain types of preparations. Patients should avoid, among other things, hot water, chlorinated water and hard water. Soap and alcohol-based toners should not be used. It is advisable to replace them with unscented lotions and micellar gels. Paper towels should be used to dry the face so as not to irritate the skin. The use of coarse scrubs and creams based on alpha hydroxy acids is also prohibited. If you are interested in home remedies for rosacea, then washing the skin with linseed infusion will work great. In addition, it is worth supporting your well-balanced diet with dietary supplements. Supplements containing flavanoids, vitamins C, PP and B2 are recommended. These will help strengthen the blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

Effects of cosmetics for rosacea

If you use rosacea cosmetics regularly, the effects will be visible relatively quickly. However, it is necessary to follow all recommendations available on the leaflets of the specific products. In addition, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist who will help to choose the best treatment methods tailored to the individual needs of our organism.

Cosmetics for rosacea - a summary

Acne rosacea cosmetics are the most important complement to the pharmacological treatment chosen by the dermatologist. Therefore, they should be chosen carefully, preferably from among specialised dermocosmetics with ingredients of natural origin. Their regular use is equally important.


  1. How long should I use cosmetics for rosacea for improvement to occur?

    It is assumed that the effects of cosmetics for rosacea will appear after 3-4 weeks of systematic care, provided that we choose good quality products, such as dermocosmetics with natural active ingredients Acnerose. However, it is advisable not to discontinue rosacea cosmetics after this time, but to permanently incorporate them into the skincare routine, as rosacea, after periods of remission, likes to recur and worsen.
  2. How can you enhance the effects of cosmetics for rosacea?

    The effects of rosacea cosmetics will be enhanced by using remedies and home remedies for rosacea involving a number of habits: avoiding the sun, sauna, solarium, alcohol, strong coffee and tea, simple sugars. Drinking herbs, washing the face with infusions, masks with vitamins C, E and K.
  3.  Are cosmetics for rosacea in gel or cream better?

    Gels tend to have a watery formula, and skin with rosacea also needs soothing and moisturising, so cream-based cosmetics work better with this condition. It is worth looking for those based on natural ingredients that do not cause additional irritation.

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